Story Behind the Image 1:

This is my NEW series I am going to do on my blog about the images I have taken. I'll be able to give a perspective and description of everything going on in the one moment that I clicked the shutter. If you have any other images you'd like to hear the story behind make sure to email me at

Image: One Man Band
Where: Venice, Italy
Year: 2017
Camera: D750, 24-70 f2.8

This image sticks out a lot to me when I look back on my trip to Italy. I was walking through the alley ways of Venice looking for street photography and anything to capture. I stepped away into an alley to relax for a minute and just look around. When, all of a sudden this man the "One Man Band" came strolling through the street in the middle of the day playing his heart out. The difference about this man than past street performers was that he was traveling around rather than staying in one spot. While pushing and pulling the accordion, his heels jingling, his back holding a drum that would keep a beat and cymbals also. And to top his performance off he was wearing a funnel-hat with bells and a strap. When hearing this character come down the street I knew exactly what I needed to do. I analyzed the situation and when he would make it down the street to where I was waiting. A few other photographers presences seemed to make the "One Man Band" shy away but he kept playing. Waiting a few moments till he was directly in a path with no one in his way I walked over and stood right in front of him and snapped a few quick pictures before giving some euros into his box. Normally I don't get in front of people and obstruct the natural happenings of the situation. This image however brought that out of me and I got the shot I envisioned in my head upon arrival of this "One Man Band".

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Niagara Falls

I've only ever been to the USA side of the Falls until this past Summer when I was able to experience them from the Canadian side. Seeing how large scale and amazing this water fall is sure a motivator to push closer to where I want my photography to be. I love traveling so much it's all I can think about when I have time. I hope to be able to start traveling again soon to get some new landscape content for everyone. Been around Pittsburgh a lot and filling up my Pittsburgh Portfolio very quickly. But for now, enjoy these photos of Niagara Falls!

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Congaree National Park

This national park is on the Western side of South Carolina. It is home to a beautiful swamp based area with a lot of mosquitos, spiders, and many other animal species. The main trail here is the Boardwalk Trail which takes you through a swampy area filled with Cyprus trees, Cyprus knees, and water logged spots. The main wet seasons for this park are in Late Winter, Early Spring. If you are down in South Carolina I'd recommend checking out this National Park. Just watch out for mosquitos. 

Definitely a spot to check out if you're interested in a Marsh land type forest on the East Coast!

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Pittsburgh's Beauty

Pittsburgh in my opinion is one of the most photogenic cities. Being able to live near Pittsburgh gives me the opportunity to continually capture images of the beautiful sights around. The different architecture and the perfect horizons for sunrise and sunsets give Pittsburgh a whole different dynamic. This blog post will be updated with new photos every so often with Pittsburgh sights! So make sure to keep checking back to see new things that are being captured and uploaded. 

Thank you so much for checking these out! If you have any requests or questions feel free to ask!

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A country full of culture, history, great food, and beautiful view points of it's cities. Venice, Florence, Siena, and Rome are the cities I was able to visit on this trip to Europe. Having going to Europe my first time I was quickly amazed by the 1,000s + years of history and architecture. My favorite destination was probably Venice for how easy to get around and the culture of no cars. The city was very small and relaxing. Florence was my second favorite, it was a good in-between of cars and walking/biking. 





Going to Italy was sure a life experience that I will never forgot and these images will motivated me to continue pushing for my dreams and aspirations. 

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Nick Koehler Photography

Baltimore and Some

Baltimore is a mid-sized city in North Eastern Baltimore. The city has a lot to offer from it's harbor, amazing architecture, to the clean streets; Baltimore is a pretty city. Before I got to Baltimore my friends and I traveled more south to go to Solomon Island. After Solomon Island we traveled back up to Baltimore and photographed the city from sunset till no more sunlight or magic was happening in the sky. 

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Nick Koehler Photography

New York City

New York City has always been a city I get really excited to go explore. The overall atmosphere and the opportunity of photos is truly amazing. This particular trip I moved around a lot, totaling 13 miles walking. The adventure began in Chinatown, and then continued on through Soho, Little Italy, Times Square, Empire State Building, The Flatiron Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and Brooklyn Bridge Park. The photos I captured on this trip I feel show my determination to find photos and capture them no matter how far away. 

New York City is a beautiful city and I can't wait till I go back next. 

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Nick Koehler Photography

Philadelphia Zoo

The zoo is a beautiful place to see animals you can't otherwise go see yourself in their designated countries and ecosystems. The confinements of the animals at the Philadelphia Zoo bring different opportunities for different views and perspectives. 

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Nick Koehler Photography

Ocean City Sunrise

Some people would say waking up at 3am to travel 2 hours to go get a few photos is insane; but for me that's my passion. So that's exactly what I did to capture some moments of a sunrise on Ocean Beach in New Jersey. Sunrise was said to be at 7:15am so the arrival time was set to get there around 6:30 to get the beginning of the light and enjoy the beach in the morning. Expecting a normal sunrise and nothing to spectacular I was surely wrong and pleasantly surprised when the sun broke across the horizon. 


First shot on the beach was of these car tires leading to the boardwalk off the beach. 

The sun light reflecting early across the horizon on the water. 

The moment the sun broke over the horizon. 

This sunrise was definitely worth waking up at 3AM to get there by 7:30AM for 6minutes of the sun showing how beautiful it is. 

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Nick Koehler Photography

Midnight Lion Dance

Chinese New Year holds a huge celebration of family, friends, lions, and firecrackers. On Friday January 27th at 11:30pm to Saturday 1am there was a Midnight Lion Dance in China Town, Philadelphia to celebrate the Year of the Rooster... I arrived to China Town at 9:30 to figure follow the route and just enjoy China Town. It was awesome to experience a time of celebration in China Town for the New Year. The Lions and Firecrackers were very appealing too; the lion dancers seemed to be having fun and working hard, and the firecrackers excited the people watching. A few things to take away from this New Year celebration would be I'm very glad I brought ear plugs, firecrackers shoot out, and I need to get something to possibly breathe in smoke easier. 

Smiling at family while holding a lit firecracker. 

Running along with the lions. 

Lion dancer makes their way through the streets of China Town. 

Firecrackers strung from 3 stories up. 

Firecrackers igniting in front of the Lion Dancers.

Lion Dancers dancing in front with Center City in the background. 

Lion Dancers through a phone. 

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