Photoshop "Dreamscapes"

Photoshop has been a love and hate relationship for me since I jumped into the program. Sometimes it does what I want to do and sometimes I wonder how wrong could it actually get. This beautiful program has made so many things easier to do and broadened the road for more creative pieces. The multi-use program has been helpful to me in many different situations and shoots. From photoshopping small details out to compositing images like this, or repairing a subject. Photoshops many great uses have benefited and broadened art.

These images below were all crafted with images I took personally. They are from many different locations such as Yosemite National Park, Iceland, Grand Teton National Park, etc. These locations are all special to me, along with the beautifulness each spot holds. In total I spent about 40 hours creating this group of work.

New York City

I had never experienced New York City on a sunny day in any of the times I’ve been there. So I made it one of my goals this year to capture the city in all of it’s glory in early Fall and finally capture a sunny day. I was able to accomplish this goal out of the weather giving me all the luck. Can’t wait to go back and capture more in New York, New York.

The trip started out with what looked to be a busted sunset. But I lucked out and was able to capture this beautiful red sunset from the Top of the Rock. The next day was a cloudy morning. So I went to the Oculus to capture the beautiful white architecture throughout the train station. After that the clouds cleared up and I was able to capture a beautiful sunset. Then on the last day I was able to capture a gorgeous Golden Hour after a cloudy Sunrise in DUMBO. After I went to Grand Central Station to finally capture the classic shot of the amazing golden Terminal. Then I ventured to Central Park to photograph the beginning fall colors around the Bow Bridge.

Let me know what you think about these photos in the comments or any questions you have about my travels!

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Upstate New York

At the end of the summer I decided to sleep and travel through central New York to North Western New York. Some of the most beautiful locations on the east coast are contained in this area. The locations I went to are Letchworth State Park, Chimney Bluffs State Park, and had a little fun of exploring in Rochester. While on this trip I wanted to sleep in my car so I found places to sleep each of the nights I was traveling. Many hours of driving and hard-work here are some of the images!

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San Francisco

After a lot of recovering and relaxation. I traveled back to San Francisco to enjoy the views and vacation there. Some of the cool locations were downtown San Francisco, V. Sattui Winery, along the Coast, and I met a sea lion. Here are some of the images!


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Niagara Falls

I've only ever been to the USA side of the Falls until this past Summer when I was able to experience them from the Canadian side. Seeing how large scale and amazing this water fall is sure a motivator to push closer to where I want my photography to be. I love traveling so much it's all I can think about when I have time. I hope to be able to start traveling again soon to get some new landscape content for everyone. Been around Pittsburgh a lot and filling up my Pittsburgh Portfolio very quickly. But for now, enjoy these photos of Niagara Falls!

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Foggy Day

Fog is a beautiful outcome of rain. Rain is looked at to be negative and not exactly the most happy subject on Earth. From a photographer's standpoint rain and fog created surreal images and draw beautiful attention to the landscape and/or scene being captured. 

A couple days ago there was rain and fog rolled in on the lake in a park near where I live and I was excited to go out and capture the moments it had to offer. Water resting on top of the frozen lake helped create vast reflections and add interest and color to the shots. Here are some of my photos. 

Landscape orientation of the sunset reflecting in the water on-top of the frozen ice. 

Magic Hour (Right after sunset) clouds reflecting. 

Sunset reflecting in the water on top of the ice. 

Water spread across the frozen lake. 

This is a pier type building and walkway which is locked off but was able to get a shot shooting through the gate. 

Nick Koehler Photography

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A family trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico where iguanas, coatimundis, and beautiful stars were seen. The vacation happened late July early August. What was intended to be a week of relaxing on a beach and soaking up the sun turned into a photo adventure. Riviera Maya was the destination of our resort and we saw Tulum, Xel-Ha Park, and did a little snorkeling. 

Iguana basking in the sun. 

Coatimundi reaching for food tourists threw in the grass for the animals.

Milky Way shooting out of a beach hut during one of the warm summer nights. 

Tulum ancient mayan ruins on the coast of Mexico. 

Iguana basking in the sun in front of Tulum.

Snorkeling in Xel-Ha. 

Riviera Maya, Mexico was a great vacation with a lot of experience and for me to see another part of the world. 

"It is better to travel well than to arrive." - Buddha

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Nick Koehler Photography


In March of 2016 I received a text from my Aunt inviting me to join her on a journey to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. The trip happened in mid June; June 14-20th 2016. This was not only a great opportunity, but reconciliation for my home for I once lived and grew up in, San Francisco. Moving to Pittsburgh when I was seven from San Francisco was a big turning point in my life. Having to start over and make friends in a place that was all to unfamiliar other than winter trips or summer vacations to visit family. Adjusting to the North East lifestyle and culture was a big step for me, but an important one. Pittsburgh is where I began my passion for photography. Pittsburgh is where I found myself and where I want to go, but... San Francisco has always been where I felt at home; so receiving that text in March was not only an opportunity to visit, but to capture moments and memories that'll last me a lifetime. The trip started of course with a flight to SFO from PIT; which upon arriving my Aunt and I got a rental car and proceeded to our hotel in Fisherman's Wharf. We visited many destinations of views I had researched before hand for photographs and great vista points to capture; here are some of the photographs below...

Day 1

The first stop was Muir Woods National Monument. This destination gave a great aspect of the Redwood trees.

Twin Peaks being our first vista point, but second stop; offers a great view of the San Francisco skyline below. 

Day 2

First stop day 2 was Alcatraz. 

The cells for "dangerous inmates". Solitary confinement cells. 

The small size of the cells for prisoners. 

An outside view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Alcatraz Island. 

The Coit Tower was our next destination which had a beautiful view from atop it.

Last stop for the day was Lombard Street. 

Day 3

Moving our way towards Yosemite National Park; I saw this tree by it's self in a field. Wanted to show the solitude of the tree. 

River running below in the Yosemite Valley. 

El Capitan right after Sunset during magic hour. 

Yosemite falls from the perspective of the Yosemite Valley.

View from Glacier Point right before sunset. 

Tunnel View right before the sun disappeared off the rocky walls surrounding the Yosemite Valley. 

Day 4

The 17mi Drive outside of Monterey, California. 

Fog was rolling in to create a feeling of peace to this tree growing alone.

Then a stop in Monterey to see the harbor seals. This seal hopped onto this anchor and posed for a photo. 

Day 5

5am early rise to catch this sunrise filling in the bay and Golden Gate Bridge. 

Quick stop in Sausalito across the bay of San Francisco. 

Then to a different perspective the Golden Gate Bridge for sunset.

Day 6

Slept in and enjoyed Fishermans Wharf. In afternoon took the Van Ness and California cable car to this destination where I was able to capture this shot of the cable car in front of the Bay Bridge in downtown San Francisco.

Sausalito for the sunset and magic hour. 

Houses on the hill with the San Francisco skyline behind. 

Day 7

Walked around downtown San Francisco and explore City Hall a little.

Checked out the outside view of Alcatraz from Fisherman's Wharf before returning back to the hotel to get ready to get on our flight back to Pittsburgh.

This trip was a great time and I will have it as a memory forever and images to prove it. 

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