San Francisco

After a lot of recovering and relaxation. I traveled back to San Francisco to enjoy the views and vacation there. Some of the cool locations were downtown San Francisco, V. Sattui Winery, along the Coast, and I met a sea lion. Here are some of the images!


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Baltimore and Some

Baltimore is a mid-sized city in North Eastern Baltimore. The city has a lot to offer from it's harbor, amazing architecture, to the clean streets; Baltimore is a pretty city. Before I got to Baltimore my friends and I traveled more south to go to Solomon Island. After Solomon Island we traveled back up to Baltimore and photographed the city from sunset till no more sunlight or magic was happening in the sky. 

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Nick Koehler Photography

Allegheny National Forest

My friend and I took a trip up to the Allegheny National Forest to capture the essence of winter and the nature surrounding. The Allegheny National Forest is about a 2 hour drive, which once you get to your destination there is a lot of hiking. We spent the day in the forest then headed home right before sunset. The cloud cover had become too great for the sun to show through for a nice sunset. Here are some images I took from this day!

A scruffy bull staring at us while we capture images. 

Water drifting down past the snowy banks and moss. 

Ice pieces lay spread out across a wet grassland.

Ice crystals formed a thin layer above the thicker ice. 

A beautiful stream we found when navigating through the ice road.

Ice we combatted to find some different spots to photograph. 

A fern peeking at the stream behind the tree.

Nick Koehler Photography

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