Upstate New York

At the end of the summer I decided to sleep and travel through central New York to North Western New York. Some of the most beautiful locations on the east coast are contained in this area. The locations I went to are Letchworth State Park, Chimney Bluffs State Park, and had a little fun of exploring in Rochester. While on this trip I wanted to sleep in my car so I found places to sleep each of the nights I was traveling. Many hours of driving and hard-work here are some of the images!

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The Trip

"The Trip" happened in late June early July of this past summer (2016). This trip was a trip around the state parks of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia. My friends, Jared, Luke, and JC embarked on this trip late June early July. 

Day 1

"The Trip" started in Pittsburgh and our first stop was the Allegheny National Forest.         76.6mi - 1hr 50min

The next stop was Elk State Forest, which we saw a few Elk.. Of course!                                          45.5mi - 1hr 12min 

After Elk State Forest, we moved on Sproul State Forest.                                                        32.1mi - 57min

First time experimenting with Steel Wool. 

Day 2

After waking up in Sproul State Forest; we moved onto Tioga State Forest.                           9.6mi - 18min

Ansonio Park was our next stop. Which we didn't find much so then we moved onto Worlds End State Park. Which led us to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.                                            61.3 mi - 1hr 39min / 91.5mi - 2hr

Played with Steel Wool again. Got chased out of the woods by Coyotes. 

Also able to see the Milky Way for the first time around 1am. 

Day 3

We then we traveled onto Hickory Run State Park. Which turned into us going a little further and traveling to Ricketts Glen State Park.                                                                                101.4mi - 1hr 55min

Day 4

We then visited a Wolf Sanctuary. 2.1mi - 4min. Then Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. 100.8mi - 1hr 53min

After the Wildlife Management Area. We then traveled to Patapsco Valley State Park.         175mi - 2hr 52min 

Then we traveled to the Humpback Rocks outside of Shenandoah National Park. Which gave us a great view, and a up close with Turkey Vultures.                                                                162mi - 3hr 7min

Day 5/6

New River Gorge is there our next stop which we arrived at sunset which seemed to help us out! We were there for 2 days.                                                                                                                                            91.8mi - 1hr 28min

Day 7

After getting to see almost every square inch of New River Gorge we made way to Cucumber Falls.                                                                                                                                            95.6mi - 1hr 33min 

We traveled to Quemahoning Reservoir and then back up to Pittsburgh.                             47.3mi - 58min / 68.3mi - 1hr 30min. 

Total travel: 1422 Miles / Total Time: 7 Days (30 Hours Driving)

"Travel - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." - Ibn Battuta

Thanks to Jared, Luke, and JC for the awesome memories and stories. 


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Short Trip

On Saturday November 12, 2016 my roommates and I traveled to a few spots around the Poconos Mountains in North Eastern Pennsylvania. The purpose of the trip was to get out of the apartment and go explore a little bit of the places north of Philadelphia. The spots we touched were "Hickory Run Lake", "Boulder Field", and a part of the Appalachian Trail upon the "Delaware Water Gap". We ended the night watching the stars appear at the "Delaware Water Gap" and then slowly made it down the trail. 


Hickory Run Lake in Hickory Run State Park during the time of the sun slowly dropping below the tree line. 

A sunlight area below the Hickory Run Lake. 

A tree growing out of the abundance of rocks in "Boulder Field" in Hickory Run State Park. Sun flare striking through the branches of the tree. 

On top of the Appalachian Trail in the "Delaware Water Gap".

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