Story Behind the Image 1:

This is my NEW series I am going to do on my blog about the images I have taken. I'll be able to give a perspective and description of everything going on in the one moment that I clicked the shutter. If you have any other images you'd like to hear the story behind make sure to email me at

Image: One Man Band
Where: Venice, Italy
Year: 2017
Camera: D750, 24-70 f2.8

This image sticks out a lot to me when I look back on my trip to Italy. I was walking through the alley ways of Venice looking for street photography and anything to capture. I stepped away into an alley to relax for a minute and just look around. When, all of a sudden this man the "One Man Band" came strolling through the street in the middle of the day playing his heart out. The difference about this man than past street performers was that he was traveling around rather than staying in one spot. While pushing and pulling the accordion, his heels jingling, his back holding a drum that would keep a beat and cymbals also. And to top his performance off he was wearing a funnel-hat with bells and a strap. When hearing this character come down the street I knew exactly what I needed to do. I analyzed the situation and when he would make it down the street to where I was waiting. A few other photographers presences seemed to make the "One Man Band" shy away but he kept playing. Waiting a few moments till he was directly in a path with no one in his way I walked over and stood right in front of him and snapped a few quick pictures before giving some euros into his box. Normally I don't get in front of people and obstruct the natural happenings of the situation. This image however brought that out of me and I got the shot I envisioned in my head upon arrival of this "One Man Band".

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