Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island, Maine. This park is normally frequented in the spring/summer, but winter was more appealing to me. To start the trip we arrived at 5a.m. to then hike up Cadillac Mountain for sunrise. Sunrise was so beautiful from the top of Cadillac Mountain, but the wind chill had the temperature down to -27 Fahrenheit. It was a bit chilly, but we made it up the 2.2mi hike to the peak. Here are a few shots from Cadillac Mountain. 


After Cadillac Mountain we went to breakfast and then made our way to the AirBnB. It was about 10-15min from Bar Harbor. For sunset we made way to the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on the coastline of Mount Desert Island. 

After I was able to capture a few images in the cold with stars it was time to go and relax. 
The next day it was decided to go to Boulder Beach, Otter Cliff, and Thunder Hole!

Then it was onto Schoodic Point for sunset. We didn't stay there long because it was freezing and the wind was overpowering. Here is the one shot I was able to get upon some of the icy rocks. 

Acadia National Park was such a beautiful park and can't wait to experience it in the different seasons. 

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Allegheny National Forest

My friend and I took a trip up to the Allegheny National Forest to capture the essence of winter and the nature surrounding. The Allegheny National Forest is about a 2 hour drive, which once you get to your destination there is a lot of hiking. We spent the day in the forest then headed home right before sunset. The cloud cover had become too great for the sun to show through for a nice sunset. Here are some images I took from this day!

A scruffy bull staring at us while we capture images. 

Water drifting down past the snowy banks and moss. 

Ice pieces lay spread out across a wet grassland.

Ice crystals formed a thin layer above the thicker ice. 

A beautiful stream we found when navigating through the ice road.

Ice we combatted to find some different spots to photograph. 

A fern peeking at the stream behind the tree.

Nick Koehler Photography

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Foggy Day

Fog is a beautiful outcome of rain. Rain is looked at to be negative and not exactly the most happy subject on Earth. From a photographer's standpoint rain and fog created surreal images and draw beautiful attention to the landscape and/or scene being captured. 

A couple days ago there was rain and fog rolled in on the lake in a park near where I live and I was excited to go out and capture the moments it had to offer. Water resting on top of the frozen lake helped create vast reflections and add interest and color to the shots. Here are some of my photos. 

Landscape orientation of the sunset reflecting in the water on-top of the frozen ice. 

Magic Hour (Right after sunset) clouds reflecting. 

Sunset reflecting in the water on top of the ice. 

Water spread across the frozen lake. 

This is a pier type building and walkway which is locked off but was able to get a shot shooting through the gate. 

Nick Koehler Photography

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