Sunrise in Pittsburgh

Sunrises in Pittsburgh have always amazed me. I don't know if it's because I go at the right times or if it's all the time. But the images I tend to capture during sunrise always excite me. This past Thursday morning was a morning I thought was a bust. Showing up to the Duquesne Incline everything was foggy and you could only see about 50ft in front of you. This gave me the hope that maybe the fog would clear up as the sun rose. That happened to be the case and it gave me one of the most beautiful images I have ever taken of Pittsburgh. This had been my first sunrise shoot in probably 1 month and it excites me and motivates me more to go out in the early hours of the morning!


This image is surely one of my favorites and I'll probably get a print of it for myself!


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Ocean City Sunrise

Some people would say waking up at 3am to travel 2 hours to go get a few photos is insane; but for me that's my passion. So that's exactly what I did to capture some moments of a sunrise on Ocean Beach in New Jersey. Sunrise was said to be at 7:15am so the arrival time was set to get there around 6:30 to get the beginning of the light and enjoy the beach in the morning. Expecting a normal sunrise and nothing to spectacular I was surely wrong and pleasantly surprised when the sun broke across the horizon. 


First shot on the beach was of these car tires leading to the boardwalk off the beach. 

The sun light reflecting early across the horizon on the water. 

The moment the sun broke over the horizon. 

This sunrise was definitely worth waking up at 3AM to get there by 7:30AM for 6minutes of the sun showing how beautiful it is. 

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