Nick Koehler
Jour 215 Video Portfolio

Project #1 - This project demonstrated my ability to show different aspects of an environment around me. I created this by my self. Biggest thing was finding a location that was interesting enough. I would only change the weather, but that's subjective to Mother Nature.

PSA - Demonstrated my ability to create meaningful content that can persuade a view to support a cause. I created the whole thing from shooting to editing. I wish that Pittsburgh had more litter, only for this shoot though...

NATSound - Demonstrated the ability to capture B-roll and perform a classic style interview. The whole video I created from footage to editing. If I could change anything it would be the location of the interview, but that was the only location I could find quick enough for the project.

Free Form - This really pushed my creativity to show how Pittsburgh looks during a rainy day and night life. I created this all my self with my DSLR and editing it all alone. I would change that there was no rain the night I went out to shoot, but it did give opportunity for some cool reflection shots. 

Final Project - Demonstrated how I can create a story line based on creative imagery and composition. Created by myself. That people wouldn't drop out on a moments notice to only have to continue to switch actors and then record last minute.