Midnight Lion Dance

Chinese New Year holds a huge celebration of family, friends, lions, and firecrackers. On Friday January 27th at 11:30pm to Saturday 1am there was a Midnight Lion Dance in China Town, Philadelphia to celebrate the Year of the Rooster... I arrived to China Town at 9:30 to figure follow the route and just enjoy China Town. It was awesome to experience a time of celebration in China Town for the New Year. The Lions and Firecrackers were very appealing too; the lion dancers seemed to be having fun and working hard, and the firecrackers excited the people watching. A few things to take away from this New Year celebration would be I'm very glad I brought ear plugs, firecrackers shoot out, and I need to get something to possibly breathe in smoke easier. 

Smiling at family while holding a lit firecracker. 

Running along with the lions. 

Lion dancer makes their way through the streets of China Town. 

Firecrackers strung from 3 stories up. 

Firecrackers igniting in front of the Lion Dancers.

Lion Dancers dancing in front with Center City in the background. 

Lion Dancers through a phone. 

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