Story Behind the Image: 3

This is my NEW series I am going to do on my blog about the images I have taken. I'll be able to give a perspective and description of everything going on in the one moment that I clicked the shutter. If you have any other images you'd like to hear the story behind make sure to email me at

Image: Barge Sunrise
Where: Pittsburgh, PA
Year: 2017
Camera: Nikon D750, 24-70 2.8

This image happened on an early June morning. I was driving down to the West End Overlook while scouting out the low clouds. I felt that it would be a good sunrise. Upon arriving to the Overlook I grabbed my camera equipment and moved to my favorite viewpoint there. This viewpoint gives me the opportunity to look through some plants along the hill into the downtown region of Pittsburgh. My main expectation for this image was just a sunrise with the sun blasting through the image. But the sight was much different, Pittsburgh was covered in clouds and it was a very quiet morning. So waiting till the sun was rising I started shooting. Around the time I was going to leave the sun reached this spot in the sky and I saw the Barge to start moving off the dock. I was over-excited to see some action happening while the sunrise was this beautiful and the fog had cleared off Pittsburgh. Very happy with this image and is one of my top images on Instagram. @nkoehlerphotography


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