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This is my NEW series I am going to do on my blog about the images I have taken. I'll be able to give a perspective and description of everything going on in the one moment that I clicked the shutter. If you have any other images you'd like to hear the story behind make sure to email me at

Image: Covered Bridge Water Spill
Where: McConnell's Mill State Park
Year: 2017
Camera: Nikon D750, 24-79 f2.8

McConnell's Mill State Park is a park close to home. This state park is well traveled but often overlooked for photography. For me it's one of my favorite places because of that. I can go and search and discover new angles that haven't been captured before. Along with that nature has this aura of calmness, even in the most catastrophic events; nature and landscapes give me the calmness I look forward to when shooting. 

This image in particular I was hiking down the trail past the Covered Bridge looking for a spot to shoot. While scaling some rocks looking around, I found this spot. A beautiful view of the Red Covered bridge, some green moss and water flowing in and out between the rocks. I was surprised by this view because it set up the perfect landscape scenario for foreground to background. As taking this shoot I was able to observe and relax; I had a long exposure set up to bring out of the crispness in the light and the smoothness of the water. The visual of smooth water makes the viewing of this image so much smoother. It is definitely one of my favorites from this State Park. If you ever have the need to go out and do light hiking around some beautiful nature near Pittsburgh, McConnell's Mill State Park is the place to go!


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