A family trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico where iguanas, coatimundis, and beautiful stars were seen. The vacation happened late July early August. What was intended to be a week of relaxing on a beach and soaking up the sun turned into a photo adventure. Riviera Maya was the destination of our resort and we saw Tulum, Xel-Ha Park, and did a little snorkeling. 

Iguana basking in the sun. 

Coatimundi reaching for food tourists threw in the grass for the animals.

Milky Way shooting out of a beach hut during one of the warm summer nights. 

Tulum ancient mayan ruins on the coast of Mexico. 

Iguana basking in the sun in front of Tulum.

Snorkeling in Xel-Ha. 

Riviera Maya, Mexico was a great vacation with a lot of experience and for me to see another part of the world. 

"It is better to travel well than to arrive." - Buddha

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Nick Koehler Photography