My First Protest...

My first protest I have ever covered or been to was last night in Philadelphia. The protestors were speaking out against President-Elect Donald Trump. My interest in photojournalism and travel photography brought me to this protest to cover and capture the moments that happened. The protest began on November 9th, 2016 at 7pm EST and ended approximately around 11pm. 

Protestor asks for answers shortly after being pushed down by bike barricade before the Vine St Expressway. 

Mexican flag being held up by protesters on way back to Center City Philadelphia. 

Protestors march through the streets with locked arms. 

"Not My President", A phrase that was sang throughout the night around the diverse streets.

The rally of people standing in a straight line listening to a protestor speak. 

Fists raised high while chanting against President-Elect Donald Trump.

A sign ("We Are Not Trump's America") amidst all the people protesting. 

Celebrating the protest heading back to Center City, Philadelphia.

Protestors uproar in agreement with speaker in front of them. 

Photographs were taken by Nick Koehler Photography. Nikon D750 : 24-70 f2.8 : Off Camera Flash.