Short Trip

On Saturday November 12, 2016 my roommates and I traveled to a few spots around the Poconos Mountains in North Eastern Pennsylvania. The purpose of the trip was to get out of the apartment and go explore a little bit of the places north of Philadelphia. The spots we touched were "Hickory Run Lake", "Boulder Field", and a part of the Appalachian Trail upon the "Delaware Water Gap". We ended the night watching the stars appear at the "Delaware Water Gap" and then slowly made it down the trail. 


Hickory Run Lake in Hickory Run State Park during the time of the sun slowly dropping below the tree line. 

A sunlight area below the Hickory Run Lake. 

A tree growing out of the abundance of rocks in "Boulder Field" in Hickory Run State Park. Sun flare striking through the branches of the tree. 

On top of the Appalachian Trail in the "Delaware Water Gap".

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