Allegheny National Forest

My friend and I took a trip up to the Allegheny National Forest to capture the essence of winter and the nature surrounding. The Allegheny National Forest is about a 2 hour drive, which once you get to your destination there is a lot of hiking. We spent the day in the forest then headed home right before sunset. The cloud cover had become too great for the sun to show through for a nice sunset. Here are some images I took from this day!

A scruffy bull staring at us while we capture images. 

Water drifting down past the snowy banks and moss. 

Ice pieces lay spread out across a wet grassland.

Ice crystals formed a thin layer above the thicker ice. 

A beautiful stream we found when navigating through the ice road.

Ice we combatted to find some different spots to photograph. 

A fern peeking at the stream behind the tree.

Nick Koehler Photography

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